Christian Helbock




Sarajevo Transit, Ausstellungsansicht, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo




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Sarajevo Transit, Mischtechnik, alle Zeichnungen 29,8 x 21 cm



Sarajevo Transit


is an exchange project by members of the Viennese artist collective CELLE.

Drawings and installations were produced for the group exhibition at

Collegium Artisticum in Sarajevo. The exhibition project "Sarajevo Transit"

is the result of a collaborative process, the sign of a collective experience,

both site-specific as well as transit space, in which selected social and aesthetic

components are combined and morphed.


Celle is an artist association between members of the Vienna Künstlerhaus.

The main goals of this open group are communication, the exchange of ideas,

and open discourse over internal matters as well as general art issues.

The agenda is programmatically unlimited and the strategies of expression

is chosen according to the specific situation. For Sarajevo, drawing was

selected as the medium and the locus of artistic occurrence. The exhibition

in Sarajevo will function as a preliminary text: as a transitory space.


Participating artists:

Judith Baum, Karin Binder, Michael Endlicher, Christian Helbock, Barbara Höller,

Eva Hradil, Gerhard Kaiser, Regina Moritz, Bettina Patermo, Roman Scheidl,

Elli Schnitzer, Marina Seiller Nedkoff, Hubert Sielecki, Maria Temnitschka,

Michael Wegerer, Jana Wiesniewski, Christoph Urwalek



Anamarija Batista, Majda Turkic



Jon Blackwood, Sarajevo Tranzit, Celle Group, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo Culture Bureau, 20.6.2012